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An unexpected meeting brings promises of a great opportunity, but perhaps all is not as good as it seems.

Sort-of crossover with Star Trek (Q is there)

Categories: Humor, Drama, Other; Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Martouf/Lantash, Original, Other, Samantha Carter, Teal'c;
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Published: 06/11/2017 Updated: 06/11/2017
Story Notes:

CATEGORY: Drama? Humour? Crack? Parody? Not sure, actually, but it's pretty much a rip-off of the idea in Star Trek: TNG Encounter at Farpoint. Some inspiration from other Star Trek episodes as well (TOS, mainly).

NOTES: The Denebians are inspired by the Halkans (Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror), though the Denebians are a race of telepaths and empaths who does not use spoken words except with offworlders (which is why only those who have previous experience with offworlders speak more or less normally)

Written for reverse SG-1 Big Bang

PROMPT: I picked this great piece of fanart by carlyn7865: (THANK YOU)

and wrote down the words that came to mind while looking at it, which were:

Teal'c: kel'no'reem, candles, fire, staff weapon, Jaffa

Daniel: archaeologist, hieroglyphs, study, action

O'Neill: sun glasses, death glider, zat'nik'tel, space

Sam: scientist, study, soldier, dhd

I then wrote the story inspired by (some of) these words ;)

1. A New Goa'uld by Roeskva [Reviews - 0] (1584 words)

2. A Strange Encounter in the Forest by Roeskva [Reviews - 0] (2304 words)

3. Learning More About the Denebians by Roeskva [Reviews - 0] (1572 words)

4. Orders by Roeskva [Reviews - 0] (1649 words)

5. Surprising and Unpleasant News by Roeskva [Reviews - 0] (1340 words)

6. Looking for Allies by Roeskva [Reviews - 0] (1819 words)

7. Mission to the Palace by Roeskva [Reviews - 0] (1237 words)

8. Surprising Developments by Roeskva [Reviews - 0] (2462 words)